Technical Name 具垂直起飛與降落功能的混合式火箭飛行導控系統
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 吳宗信
Powered by hybrid rocket engines designed in-house, the rocket achieves vertical takeoff, hovering, vertical landing,precise attitudetrajectory control using throttle controls as well as thrust vectoring controls. In addition, this rocket includes the following notable technologies: 10ms near hard real-time GNC system, highly modular application-like flight software, 10Hz bandwidth flow control system, 5Hz bandwidth direct-drive motor thrust vectoring system, High Test Peroxide hybrid rocket engine with a vacuum specific impulse of 305 seconds.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
We are the first organization in the world to achieve hybrid rocket tethered hovering flight tests successfully. Hovering flight tests requires precise throttledirectional control compared to regular flight tests, increasing the complexity of the overall flight control system. The most commonly discussed topic in hybrid rocket engine development used to be engine throttle control. Using hovering flight tests, our team not only demonstrated the viability of hybrid engine throttle control. We have also shown that the world should not underestimate Taiwan's ability to develop aerospace technology.
Industrial Applicability
Taiwan has always possessed extraordinary technological aptitudes. What Taiwan lacks is not the capabilities but an opportunity As the age of commercial space approaches, people are paying more attention to space-related technologies. Rockets are at the forefront of aerospace technology development as the most complexchallenging system in existence. By mastering the technologies needed for hybrid rocket hovering flight, we hope to aid in the development of Taiwanese indigenous satellite launch vehiclesspace propulsion systems.
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Keyword Hybrid rocket Hovering control Thrust vector control Trajectory control Modularized Direct-drive motor H2O2 N2O Composite material
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