Technical Name 防水、透氣、可拉伸、具修復能力之導電紡絲布料於智慧衣物之應用
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 許千樹
We develop smart fabrics by electrospinning crystallinity-modified self-healing materials, which are facilitated by the reversible physical crosslinking between poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) (PVDF-HFP)ionic liquid. The fiber morphology can be maintained without losing the fibrous structure. The fabrics can achieve the healing effects without the need of seamingany adhesive. The fabrics are waterproofbreathable. By printing electrically conductive channels using ionic liquid, capacitive pressure sensorsresistive tensile sensor arrays are fabricated.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
By adjusting the crystallinity of the self-healing polymer materials, fibers with healing ability can be produced. The fabric can maintain the fibrous structure over time. When healing, additional agents are not needed. The manufacturing processes are simplefacile for large scale production. The fabricated electronic skins are not only elastic, conductive, capable of sensing pressuretension but also air permeable, which are very suitable as the materials for the next generation of wearable devices.
Industrial Applicability
Smart clothing has been estimated to reach a market of 6 billion by 2027. To develop advanced materials for smart clothing, we invent functional fibers with healing capability by controlling the interactions between polymersionic liquids. The fibers are waterproof, breathable,healable. The fabrication process is simplelow cost, which is very suitable for industrial production. By combining current polymer synthesistextile manufacturing technology, the fibers can be applied to advanced smart wearable devices, such as e-textilesbio-sensors.
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Keyword textile conductive healing waterproof and breathable wearable pressure sensor tensile sensor elastic e-skin smart clothing
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