Technical Name 轉移奈米結構的方法及具有奈米結構的裝置
Project Operator Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories
Project Host 蔡淑如
Devices with physical flexibilitystretchability have attracted a great deal of interest for use in wearable electronic technologylarge-area electronics, including displays, energy harvesters, energy storage devices, distributed sensor networks,Internet of Things applications. The present invention relates to methods for growingtransferring single-crystal III-nitride nanorodstwo dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (2D TMDs) nanostructures,devices having the transferred nanostructures for flexible device, microLED,3DIC fabrications.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
An efficient approach for growingtransferring a large area of obliquely aligned single-crystalline GaN NRs using vertically oriented graphene (VG) nanosheets was demonstrated for fabricating transparent flexible devices embedded within the transferred obliquely aligned GaN NRs. The results indicated that nanocrystalline graphene could be an excellent platform to epitaxytransfer high-quality II-VIIII-V nanostructures for flexiblethree-dimensional stacked electronics.
Industrial Applicability
An illustrative method for transferring nanostructures is provided with the steps of: forming a two-dimensional material (2D material) on a first substrate forming a plurality of nanostructures on the 2D material bonding a surface of onemore of the plurality of nanostructures with a heada second substrate, and/or shaking the onemore nanostructures withwithout a fluidseparating the onemore nanostructures from the 2D material for flexible device, microLED,3DIC applications.
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Keyword Graphene two-dimensional material nanorods nanowires transfer MicroLED Flexible device Sensors nanostructure 3DIC
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