Technical Name Modular Polymeric Nanoshells for Precision AntiviralAnticancer Vaccination
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 胡哲銘
Effectively inducing cytotoxic T cell expansion has been a critical challenge in vaccine development. To address this challenge, an entirely biodegradable polymeric nanoshell was invented to couple antigensadjuvants for safepotent immune potentiation. The invention has been adopted for precision anticancer vaccine, broadly reactive influenza vaccine,an effective vaccine MERS-CoV.
Scientific Breakthrough
The biodegradable polymeric nanoshell fundamentally addresses the critical challenge in nano-encapsulation of water solublecombinatorial compounds. The T cell stimulating capacity stemming from the nanoshell-based vaccines is unparalleled by any viral vectornon viral vector-based vaccine platforms. The platform is highly versatile for developing novel antiviralanticancer nanoformulations.
Industrial Applicability
The nanoshell-based vaccine is highly adaptable for vaccine preparation, enabling facile preparation of safeeffective vaccine formulations. It also addresses a fundamental challenge in the development of customizable anticancer vaccine, thereby paving ways to effective anticancer treatments. The polymeric nanoshells are also amendable to other nanomedicne development for drugbiologics delivery.
Keyword Nanomedicine Nanoparticle vaccine Customizable anticancer vaccine Universal influenza vaccine Hollow nanoparticle Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus Cytotoxic T cells Cancer immunotherapy Neoantigen vaccine STING agonists
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