Technical Name The Volume Holographic Light-guide Technology (For MR Display Devices)
Project Operator National Central University
Project Host 孫慶成
See-through MR 3D glass free of VAC has been regarded as one of the most important devices in the advanced display. VHOE is regarded as the most promising optical componenthas attracted intensive attention from global IT companies. Our technology focuses on VHOE technology. We simulate the VHOE characteristics based on our simulation model VOHIL. Accordingly, we have optimized the design of VHOEdeveloped new technologies that can improve the performance of the near-eye display. In addition, based on the developed VHOE, we study the matching function of microdisplay panelspropose a new technology in color engineering to provide a high-performance near-eye see-through glass.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our technology is focused on the volume holographic optical element. First, we have created a powerful simulation model, VOHIL, for complicated simulation. Second, we apply optimized wavelengthspatial multiplexings to perform extraordinary properties. Finally, we embed a lens array into the VHOE to reach the outstanding performance of the see-through light field display.
Industrial Applicability
See-through AR/MR glasses have been regarded as one of the most important products by global IT companies because they can provide a new user experience of a display panela novel mobile device. The key optical component of the see-through glass is VHOE, which has attracted intensive attention. Our technology can provide excellently big display3D display effects for see-through glass, which could change human lifestylemake a huge impact in the industry.
Keyword volume holographic optical element holographic light guide light field display mixed reality MR glass optical technology advanced display technology
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