Technical Name Integration of Artificial Liver PhantomTracking methods on MR System for Surgical TrainingPlanning
Project Operator Medical Device Innovation Center, National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 杜翌群
In recent years, clinical surgical methods have been diversifiedfocus on the preoperative planningexperience inheritance of surgery. However, physicians still make judgements based on 2D medical imagesexperience,the inheritance is only based on the practical exercises. This technology uses SSDA, ASAelastic phantom to create a surgical trainingplanning system. This system takes liver resection as an example, combined with MR real-time display information to simulate the clinical operation process, which is used for clinical teachingtraining.
Scientific Breakthrough
Building the surgical trainingplanning system with multi-person MR streamingscreen sharing for the physicians to communication during the surgery. This physics engine could combine with AI model to analysis, simulateapply in different organs. By matching with liver phantom, this system can be closer to the clinical situation. This liver phantom uses the elastic realistic materialcontains human blood flow simulation design to simulate the cutting, hemorrhage, hemostasissuture during the surgery.
Industrial Applicability
Developing the surgical trainingplanning system for physicians to judgepredict the position of blood vessels during the surgery. It could help them cutting down the surgical time, reducing the bleeding rate of surgeryanticipating postoperative complication. Also, this system could use for physicians training, inheriting their own experience, creating a new generation of surgical trainingplanning system with international competitiveness.
Keyword Surgery Liver Phantom Liver Resection Collaborative Mixed Reality Statistical Shape & Deformation Analysis (SSDA) Azure Spatial Anchors (ASA) Deformable Mesh Registration (DMR) Interactive Meshless Cutting Model (IMCM) Preoperative Planning System Virtual Surgical Training System
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