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  • Smart IoT Stethoscope System with Heart Disease Diagnosis Capable of Signal Synchronization
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  • National Cheng Kung University
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  • 張麗櫻
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Technical Description The technology relates to a signal processing technique, and more specifically to a signal synchronization device with respect to electrocardiogram (ECG) signals and heart sound (phonocardiogram, PCG) signals, as well as a stethoscope, an auscultation information output system and a symptom diagnosis system capable of signal synchronization. Analyzes of ECG and PCG signals are two important means and standards for heart diseases. In clinical diagnosis of a heart, an ECG signal may be used to detect common heart diseases rapidly and easily, especially for myocardial infarction and arrhythmias. However, lesions of some heart tissues would not be reflected in the ECG signal directly, but can appear in a PCG signal. It is the technical subject to be solved with respect to how to acquire ECG signals and PCG signals to perform synchronization of both signals for increasing diagnosis rate of cardiovascular disease.
Scientific Breakthrough Heart-sound (phonocardiogram, PCG) auscultation is a rapid and fundamental technique for examining the cardiovascular system. The main components of PCG are the first (S1) and second (S2) heart sounds. Discriminating these heart sounds under the presence of additional heart sounds and murmurs is difficult. To recognize these signals efficiently, this project proposes a monitoring system with PCG and electrocardiogram (ECG). A software application is developed on smartphones for heart-related signal recording, display, and identification. Doctors may refer to these physiological signals on the smartphone and simultaneously listen to the heart sounds to diagnose the potential heart disease. It's help for reducing the uncertainty existing in heart sounds and the training periods.
Industrial Applicability The intelligent stethoscope can not only visualize the heart sound (phonocardiogram, PCG) signal, but also measure human's electrocardiogram (ECG) and PCG simultaneously. With an internet of things (IoT) system and a cloud database, the stethoscope can be used in hospitals and telemedicine. The proposed stethoscope includes three parts, a front-end device for ECG and PCG acquisition, a smart device's APP and a cloud server. The ECG-measuring system is designed for single lead measurement, which can send the real-time ECG data to the smart device's APP. The heart-sound-measuring system keeps the traditional stethoscope head to ensure doctors on the same auscultation manner. The proposed intelligent stethoscope has been conducted human trials in NCKU and Tainan Hospitals.