• Technical Name
  • Intelligent School-age Children Health Care Recommendation Platform
  • Operator
  • Cheng Shiu University
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  • Online display only
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  • 廖奕雯
  • Email
  • k0632@gcloud.csu.edu.tw
Technical Description Often, the parents worry about their kids while sick. At this time, it enables a large increase of need of health care information. To this end, in this project, we propose a health care information platform that incorporates techniques of social media mining, disease prediction, clinic institution recommendation, doctor recommendation, and medical store navigation. Through this system, the parents will know what the kid's disease is potentially and how to take care of the kids by the proposed techniques.
Scientific Breakthrough Word breaking system, Disease prediction, Comment analysis, Data Mining, School-age children, Artificial Intelligence, Disease care, Recommendation system, Doctor recommendation, Clinic recommendation
Industrial Applicability This platform is developed for kids' health care. It could be applied to the related medical and clinic institutions.