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  • Smart High-Torque Multipole Magneto-Rheological Resistance Device
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  • National Taipei University of Technology
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Technical Description This technology provides an innovative smart high-torque multi-pole magnetorheological resistance device, which can provide fast torque change, high torque density, good controllability, and light weight. This technology has the world's first multi-magnetic pole technology, and its torque density is higher than that of general pole magnetorheological fluid (MR) or traditional resistance device. The smart MR device can be used as a brake, clutch, damper, etc. The applications include fitness equipment, rehabilitation sports equipment, brake, suspension, damper, clutches, etc., to upgrade various systems to smart systems

This technology can overcome the above shortcomings, and provides smart resistance with large torque, fast response, low power consumption and moderate cost. The technology has high controllability, fast response (< 10ms), large torque range, easy integration and maintenance, durable structure.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. fast variable torque:
This technology uses smart MR fluid technology. By changing the input current, the magnetic field that passes vertically through the MR fluid can be increased, thereby changing the yield stress of the MR fluid and changing its torque.

2. high torque density:
The maximum torque density TVR of MR resistors developed by various international researchers is still not high. The innovative MR technology uses multi-pole technology, and its torque density TVR is as high as 65 Nm/dm^3

3. Multi-pole technology
The general MRBs adopt a single pole structure. Our team released an innovative multi-pole MR resistor in 2013, which provided a new direction for the development of MR resistors and made a significant contribution to the development of international MR resistors.
Industrial Applicability 1. The MR brake is necessary for many mechanical or electromechanical systems to provide appropriate resistance to control system speed. The MR brake can meet the needs of electrification, light weight, high response speed, and high braking force controllability, and provide new intelligent product development directions for the electromechanical industry, mechanical vehicle industry, and rehabilitation industry.

2. This technology helps the sports industry develop smart exercise equipment by providing no-block resistance, and the resistance can be automatically and quickly changed at any time. It can also achieve multi-function exercise equipment.

3. This technology can be applied to the development of various types of intelligent rehabilitation exercise equipment and assistive devices.