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  • Development of high efficiency DC brushless motor introduced into small air compressor
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  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
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  • 蕭鈞毓
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Technical Description This project and PUMA Industrial Co., Ltd. develop simultaneously a small air compressor which introduce the using of permanent magnet brushless motor to drive the compressor. Because of the permanent magnet brushless motor are proven superior than the induction motor, the induction motor which is used in the past to drive the air compressor is changed to the permanent magnet brushless motor. The advantage of using the permanent magnet brushless motor can improve energy saving, efficiency, noise, vibration, and achieve market competitiveness with innovative products.
Scientific Breakthrough To solve the problem of traditional small portable air compressors which cannot save energy efficiently, the principle of fluid mechanics and commercial CFD software are used to analyze and compare the performance between the traditional induction motor and the innovative permanent magnet motor of this project. The analysis can improve effectively the consumption energy of the traditional induction motor. Overall performance verify that the comparison among the simulation and actual test which can improve effectively the efficiency, noise, and vibration of traditional small portable air compressors.
Industrial Applicability With the development of smart manufacturing global industry and saving energy policy in various countries, the small air compressors which is used in household, building, hospital, clinic, etc., was expected to have the function of being light and portable. The market of this product will be sold in Europe, United States, Taiwan and other regions, which can change the using of the traditional small air compressors into energy-saving and high-efficiency air compressors to enhance the efficiency and the competitiveness of small air compressor products.