Technical Name Collagen 12-targeted peptide sequencestheir application in osteoarthritiscornea defects
Project Operator China Medical University
Project Host 洪士杰
We identified short-chain peptides with specific targeting to osteoarthritis (OA) cartilagecorneal defect surface. This targeting function is based on their capacity for binding to collagen 12. When combined with a MRI imaging agent, we have developed a MRI imaging agent that can be used for early OA diagnosis. When conjugated to hyaluronic acid (HA), it can significantly improve the HA retention timelubrication on OA cartilage surface,reduce the friction that happened on OA cartilage surface. A Bifunctional peptide (BiF) with collage 12-targetingcell-binding function was then developed, which can be used to carry mesenchymal stem cells for promoting OA cartilage regenerationcorneal epithelial defect regeneration.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology is regarding collagen12-targeting peptides. It can be developed to meet the following medical needs: (1) Early OA diagnosis for providing early OA interventional treatment, (2) Improvement of the lubricating effect of lubricants, such as hyaluronan, on the joint movement of the affected area of the joint. (3) Enhancement of regeneration capacity of transplanted stem cells. In particular, we developed a single peptide with a collagen 12-targeting peptideextended it with a collagen-like peptide (bifunctional peptide, BiF) containing a cell-binding motif, which can be used to regenerate multi-layered cartilage for OA regeneration,used to regenerate corneal epithelial cells for corneal epithelial defect regeneration.
Industrial Applicability
The peptide with collagen12-targeting function is a platform, which can be applied in the following medical industries: (1) Early OA diagnosis for providing reference basis for early interventional therapy (2) Improvement of the lubrication capacity of hyaluronic acid to reduce the friction happened on OA cartilage surface (3) Improvement of OA cartilagecorneal defect surface attachmentutilization of stem cell transplantation for the treatment of OAcorneal defect in regenerative medicine, especially when extended peptides with collagen-like peptides containing cell-binding motifs (bifunctional peptide) are used  (4) Development of disease modifying OA drugs when combined with nanotechnology for slowcontrolled release.
Keyword osteoarthritis degenerated disc peptide cell graft mesenchymal stem cells Recurrent epithelial erosion corneal transplantation collagen 12
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