Technical Name Wideband MRI Technique
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 陳志宏
Wideband MR imaging introduces the concept of modern digital communication, and it is used to improve the data bandwidth in MR imaging. The wideband acceleration can be applied to the existing MRI software and hardware, as well as to the existing acceleration effects such as parallel image. Thousands of MRI instruments in the world can also be upgraded. In phantom model / animal experiment / human subjects, it has been preliminarily confirmed that the acceleration effect can be 2-12 times, and it can also improve the resolution of the image. The advantage of this technique is that it can be used in the existing MRI system without additional hardware. This technique can be used in combination with other existing acceleration techniques to further improve the overall imaging speed.
Scientific Breakthrough
This novel Wideband MRI technology is a high-efficiency imaging method that uses multiple excitations and multiple receptions, extending the previous data bandwidth of receiving signals. By collecting more data points, the high imaging bandwidth can increase the image spaital resolution and temporal resolution.
Industrial Applicability
Wideband magnetic resonance imaging technology can improve the time/spatial resolution, make full use of the time required for whole body diagnosis, and can improve the efficiency of instrument use. Cancer metastases or subtle lesions that are difficult to diagnose at an early stage today could be detected with this novel high-time/spatial resolution MR images using wideband MRI technique.
Keyword Ultra-Fast MRI Non-invasive Non-radioactive Precision medicine Medical imaging Magnetic resonance imaging Early detection Comfortable High efficiency high resolution imaging
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