Technical Name Super resolution ultrasound vector blood flow imaging
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 黃執中
Super-resolution ultrasound blood flow imaging was developed to measure microcirculatory velocity, which can be used for adultneonatal blood flow measurements, may also serve as new tools for preclinical small animal imaging. Without the use of ultrasound microbubble, the minimum detectable blood vessel size can reach 20 μmthe highest time resolution can reach 1 kHz, which the estimation accuracy of blood flow velocity can be increased by 46.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology can be divided into three items: 1. New blood signal extraction algorithm, 2. Vascular morphology image enhancement algorithm, 3. Multi-angle vector Doppler imaging technology. It is the highest temporalspatial resolution blood flow imaging, which its minimum detectable blood vessel diameter can reach 20 μmthe highest time resolution can reach 1 kHz, which can improve the measurement accuracy of microcirculation blood vessel flow velocity by 46.
Industrial Applicability
Ultrasonic images have been used in many clinical applications, but they cannot be used to measure the flow velocity of microcirculatory. This technology bridges the gap in the diagnostic range of commercially available systemscan accurately measure adultneonatal blood flowserve as a new tool for preclinical small animal angiography. It is estimated that by 2028, the overall commercial market in plastic surgery, pediatrics, orthopedicsrehabilitation will exceed 10 billion.
Keyword super resolution ultrasound blood flow imaging ultrasound vector Doppler imaging microcirculatory angiography tumor neovascularity imaging portable ultrasound imaging system ultrasound chip design flap blood flow imaging high frequency ultrasound imaging red blood cell signal extraction algorithm vascular morphology image enhancement algorithm
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