Technical Name NIR-II fluorescence + photoacoustic dual-modality 3D small animal imaging system combined with self-made fluorescence/photoacoustic polymer dots for whole bodytumor blood vessel imaging
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 江惠華
1. We developed a NIR-II fluorescence + photoacoustic 3D small animal dual-modality imaging system to visualize 3D whole bodytumor blood vessel images in mice. Our system is suitable for cancer monitoring researchpharmacokinetic analysis.
 2. We developed a 3D blood vessel reconstruction algorithm, integrating NIR-II fluorescencephotoacoustic imaging to visualize the 3D tumor blood vessels, with an imaging depth of 10 mm, an image resolution of 50 um,a depth resolution of 100 um.
 3. The self-made fluorescent/photoacoustic polymer dots in the NIR-II region has the advantages of strong light absorption, good photostability,low biological toxicity.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. We developed a 3D fluorescence imaging in the NIR-II regiona 3D vascular reconstruction algorithm, breaking through the limitations of 2D vascular imaging,rapidly presenting high-resolution 3D mouse whole bodytumor vascular images.
 2. We developed a NIR-II photoacoustic imaging system to visualize 3D deep blood vesselsthen combined it with fluorescence imaging to present a 3D blood vessels map.
 3. Self-made fluorescent/photoacoustic polymer dots, the fluorescent band switch to the NIR-II region, so the fluorescence can increase the penetration depth. Also, the drug is also used as a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging due to its high light absorption efficiency."
Industrial Applicability
"1. We developed a NIR-II 3D fluorescence system with a novel vascular reconstruction algorithm to perform real-time monitoring to apply in the pre-clinical studies.
 2. The self-designed novel NIR-II fluorescent/photoacoustic polymer dots is the first commercial small animal fluorescent agent in the NIR-II region, which provides a deeper imaging depth than the NIR-I fluorescent dye ICG.
 3. We developed the first NIR-II 3D fluorescence/photoacoustic dual-modality small animal imaging system in Taiwan, which is used for tumor monitoringtreatment."
Keyword pre-clinical trials small animal imaging fluorescence imaging near-infrared second-region fluorescence photoacoustic imaging 3D deep blood vessels tumor vascular imaging nanoparticles fluorescent dyes pharmacokinetics
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