Technical Name High resolution ultrasound elastography based on the new viscoelastic model for thin-layer tisses diagnosis
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 黃執中
A high resolution ultrasound elastography based on guided wave viscoelastic model to evaluate the viscoelastic properties of thin-layer tissues was developed from our team, which can be applied on cornea, skin,hand tendons. This technology is based on 40 MHz ultrafast ultrasound imaging technology combines with a new design for vibrator to create elastic wave in the tissues. The maximum image frame rate is up to 10 kHz,the lateralaxial spatial resolutions of B-mode image are about 10020 μm, respectively. The accuracy of elasticity measurement for thin-layer tissue can be improved by 43.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. The world's highest frequency ultrafast ultrasound imaging technology was developed,the image frame rate can up to 10 kHz. The lateralaxial spatial resolutions of ultrasonic grayscale images are about 4020 μm, respectively,the elastic image resolution can reach 100 μm.
 2. It uses a 40-MHz ultrasound array transducer with ultrafast ultrasound imaging technology to measure the elastic wave based on the Lamb wave model to measure the elastic properties of thin-layer tissues. A handheld device that combines a transducera vibrator allows the user to scan tissues freely. The estimation accuracy of thin-layer tissue elasticity can be increased by 43, which can be applied on cornea, skin,hand tendons."
Industrial Applicability
Although ultrasound elastography has been used for the diagnosis of liver, breast,thyroid lesions, it cannot be used for thin-layer tissues elastography due to the limitation of the image resolution for existing imaging equipments. This technology fills the gap in the diagnostic range of commercial systems,can accurately measure tissue elasticity for such as cornea, skin,hand tendons. The overall global market in ophthalmology, dermatology, orthopaedicsrehabilitation is expected to exceed 10 billion by 2028.
Keyword high resolution ultrasound elastography novel guided wave viscoelastic model new vibrator ultrasound transducer design eye disease skin lesions hand tendon trauma high frequency ultrasound imaging portable ultrasound imaging system ultrasound chip design tissue elasticity
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