Technical Name 次世代穿戴裝置電能:仿生環保可撓式全固態超級電容器
Project Operator National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Project Host 莊偉綜
Using the concept of bionicscircular economy to develop low-costhigh -performance flexible electrodesionic liquid polyelectrolytes for all solid-state flexible supercapacitors. This type of flexible electrode has excellent dimensional stabilityelectrochemical characteristics. The gel-state polyelectrolytes can be used with metal oxide electrodes to provide high scalability, low cost,high efficiency at high temperatures.
Scientific Breakthrough
We used in-situ X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy to understand energy storage mechanism of the flexible all-solid-state supercapactors. Experimental results from synchrotron based X-ray techniques showed that the electrode’s structure features a 3D ant-nest-like framework composed of 2D nacre-like clay nanosheets, i.e. hierarchical layers-within-networks structure. We have also discovery a series of ionic liquid polyelectrolytes, which have good stabilityenergy storage performance in high-temperature testsrapid charge-discharge tests.
Industrial Applicability
We propose an environmentally friendly, low-cost,scalable method for manufacturing structural electrodesa low-cost ionic liquid polyelectrolyte. Flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors combined with this series of polyelectrolytes have excellent performance under high temperature operation, which can solve the high temperature generated from excessive electronic devices. Our polyelectrolytes also solve safety concerns, because it is a gel state polyelectrolyte can improve electrolyte leakageother problems.
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Keyword flexible supercapacitors wearable devices green energy circular economy gel electrolytes organic/inorganic composite materials bionic materials wastewater reuse nanocomposites ionic liquids
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