Technical Name 撫平蟹足腫傷口的精準醫療軟膏
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 黃玲惠
An innovative ointment solves an unmet clinical need to cure keloid wounds The composition of the ointment can precisely modulate the cell functionsgene expression of keloid fibroblasts, making them close to the performance of normal fibroblasts. Thereby, when applying the ointment to keloid woundsthe human body prone to the formation of keloid wounds, the wound is smoothed, healing close to normal skin.
Scientific Breakthrough
At present, there is no effective drug to cure keloid woundsobtain a smooth healed skin. Some therapeutic options include: corticosteroid injection, cryotherapy, pressure dressing, laser skinning, external medicine,a combination of the above-mentioned treatments. A high recurrent rate is a major problem due to failure of curingprevention of genetic inherited keloids. My innovative ointment can precisely regulate the cellular functionsgene expression of keloid fibroblasts in wounds, so can effectively smoothen healed keloid wounds permanentlymake them like normal skin.
Industrial Applicability
It is estimated that about 800 million people worldwide are suffering from keloid,the global market is estimated to be worth at least $1 billion a year, with a compound annual growth rate of about 6. Due to lack of effective therapy for treating keloid wounds clinicallythe high recurrent rate of existing treatment methods, this patented ointment will have great value for smoothening keloid wounds. This ointment can be applied to preventinghealing keloid wounds. Its entrepreneurship should bring benefits for clinical applicationsbig economic value for markets.
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Keyword keloid wound ointment prevention therapy healing scar recurrence precision medicine extracellular matrix
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