Technical Name Trustable-AI Service Platform
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 郭耀煌
Recently, the leakage of personal information and the prejudice of AI algorithms make data services untrustworthy. The proposed Trustable-AI Service Platform aims at establishing a secure and trustable data service ecosystem. This platform not only protects personal privacy and information but also provides explainable analysis service. Applying the explainable analysis service, the analysis technology can be improved and the analysis results can be investigated. This platform is composed of four core technologies:
1.Privacy-preserving AI: providing a series of AI tools which can prevent data leakage.
2.eXplainable AI: providing a series of AI tools whose analysis results are explainable.
3.GPDR-compliant Revocable Blockchain Storage Framework: providing a reliable storage service complying with GPDR.
4.Fine-grained Data Authorization: providing an authentication tool which is applicable to efficiently support various authorization scenarios.
Scientific Breakthrough
The proposed Trustable-AI Service Platform provides a series of AI tools which can analyze encrypted data. Thus, for personal data, their privacy can be protectec and versatility can be increased. Also, the explainable analysis function alleviates the prejudice of AI algorithms, and thus data services become more trustworthy. In addition, customers can authorize or revoke privacy data by the fine-grained data authorization at any time, and then, these data and their operation records will be stored by GDPR-compliant Blockchain storage service to achieve high traceability and auditability.
Industrial Applicability
The proposed Trustable-AI Service Platform securely stores and analyzes customer information. Moreover, the explainable AI function ensures the transparency and traceability of data services. Applying the proposed platform, data services can be introduced by companies without concerns, which improves their technology and international competitiveness. In addition, the data economy will further develop as a promising business model while data services are widely used.
Keyword Trustable AI eXplainable AI Privacy Preserving GDPR Data Authorization Differential Privacy Data Trading Secure Data Storage Blockchain IoT
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