Technical Name Microfludic Diffusion Device
Project Host 林其昌
This invention is an innovation design for creating a parallel flow with controllable gradient concentration by paralyzing hollow fibers as a microdifusion platform. Major technique design is using hollow fiber as micro-flow cannel and the various number of fibers can be setup according to the needs. 
The medium, nutrition and/or drug solution flow within the hollow fibers and part of solution can penetrates out of hollow fiber via micro-pore of hollow fiber membranes.
The different supplied solutions in different groups of hollow fiber channels may create out-flow liquid with gradient concentration on the surface of hollow fibers.
This device can be used for drug screening, protein and/or nutrition study, and supports rapid analysis for medical, clinical and biological application on biochemical test and dosage dependent (i.e. minimum inhibitory concentration, MIC) researches.
Performed concentration gradient can support fast screening of substance dosage.
Scientific Breakthrough
This device supports the micro-channel which integrated by multi-parallel hollow fibers. The hollow fibers can be separated more than two groups.
For more advanced,
1.A thin layer (i.e. substance coating) can be formed on the top of hollow fibers which support cells (or microorganism) attach and growth on the micro-channel surface.
2.Hollow fibers can be separated into various groups for suitable fit with various chemicals (or drugs) and/or biological substance, or different concentration.
3.Pore size and diffusion condition of hollow fibers can allow liquid flow penetrate out of fibers.
4.Growth and migration of cells and microorganism can be in situ observed directly and continuously from top of device.
Industrial Applicability
This device can be used for clinical and biological application in hospital, University, pharmaceutical factory, environmental protection, food management and examine.
1.Drug resistance test and screening
2.Cell migration, medical stimulation, growth factor and proteins for cell induction and proliferations
3.Development of drug, protein and peptides
4.Microorganism and chemicals test
Keyword Hollow fiber Microfludic device Drug screening Dosage Continue monitoring Tissue engineering Environmental medicine Food safety Drug resistance Cancer drug
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