Technical Name Automated Optical Inspection System based on Robots
Project Operator National Taipei University of Technology
Project Host 林顯易
This technology proposes a method for inspecting the appearance of an object based on an automated optical inspection system (AOI). This technology uses an industrial robotic arm and a set of cameras. The scanning system provides 6-sided inspection, which is divided into two stages, namely (1) host inspection (5 sides) and (2) external frame inspection (1 side). The robotic arm picks up objects from the production line and then the system detects the direction and movement position of the picked object, and calibrates them to the reference direction and position. The system quickly takes the images of the appearance of the object through the camera system, and then uses AI defect recognition technology to find all appearance defects. The salient feature of this system is that it achieves 90% accuracy of appearance defects in a short time (within 10 seconds).
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology provides an automated object appearance optical detection system and its control method. The infrared sensor is used to detect and convey the upper object, and the robotic arm is controlled to fly catch, and the object pose is corrected and moved to several optical cameras. After taking images and detecting defects, the robot returns the object to the conveyor. This technical breakthrough lies in how to integrate the factory production system and perform artificial intelligence appearance defect detection on the product to achieve fast detection and high accuracy results.
Industrial Applicability
Traditional visual inspection relies on visual inspection. The advantages of visual inspection are stains, defects, defects, etc. and the outflow of defective products is prevented. However, the disadvantages of visual inspection are at the limit of accuracy, which consumes manpower costs, and also depends on individual subjective standard deviations. In recent years, automated optical inspection system systems are gradually being introduced into factories. With artificial intelligence technology, defects and defects can be captured in front of the camera. Many companies in the electronics industry have adopted it. Through this technology, many factory data can be accumulated and suitable for importing artificial intelligence. In the future, it will be a key core technology for industry.
Keyword Automated optical inspection Robotic arm Appearance inspection Artificial intelligence Defect detection
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