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  • Smart Inspection Equipment with Real-time Feedback for Solar Panel Production Lines
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  • National Applied Research Laboratories Taiwan Instrument Research Institute
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  • 林儀豪
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  • yihaolin@narlabs.org.tw
Technical Description Proposed system equipment consisted of the linear arrayed optical imaging device, precise positioning platform, loading and unloading robot, high efficient computing and storage device, and measuring and inspection processor to acquire images and inspect the quality for large thin-film solar panels with the size of 122cm x 62cm. The inspection can be completed within 60 seconds for a panel and meet the performance requirement of inline real-time inspection. The inspection efficiency is improved by more than 30 times compared with original inspection manually.
Scientific Breakthrough In addition to improving inspection efficiency, the change from manual sampling to automatic full inspection can substantially increase the number of inspected panels and drastically shorten inspection times. Inspection results can be connected automatically to the computer database to determine possible problems in the process in real time and follow this up by making adjustments to improve production efficiency and manufacturing quality.
Industrial Applicability In addition to inspecting CIGS solar panel, developed technologies can be applied to similar production lines or products inspection in the future, such as glass substrates, flat panel displays (FPD), Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD), printed circuit boards, semiconductor wafers, and even textile leather.