Technical Name The mold intelligent monitoring system
Project Operator National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Project Host 鄭瑞鴻
An intelligent monitoring system for molds is equipped with a plurality of sensors on the molds. After collecting the sensor signals of the molds and the machine through a smart set-top box, the cloud database is connected in series through the Internet of Things. By connecting the smart machine box to these sensor signals, the data measured by the mold and the machine sensor can be uploaded to the cloud database through the Internet of Things and can be updated in real-time. In this way, the various data of the mold can be controlled in real-time at the remote end, and these data can also be further aggregated as a basis for process improvement or parameter adjustment so that the production line is automated and intelligent.
Scientific Breakthrough
The price of the intelligent mold injection machine of domestic and foreign big factories is very high. Not only does it require professional teaching space, but it cannot be modified or repaired by itself. This system is not only low in price, it can be used for teaching anywhere. Modular design components are used. Teachers or students can modify or repair according to different needs and design them into molds or machines of different properties. After being connected in series, it can simulate the actual work requirements of the connection monitoring of different machines of the enterprise, increase learning efficiency, and lower the learning barriers.
Industrial Applicability
The purpose of the invention of the mold intelligent monitoring system is to provide a mold intelligent monitoring system that can easily upgrade existing molds to intelligent molds, which is used to simulate the actual various mold manufacturing monitoring applications in the industry. Suitable for high school students and above, it can assist teachers in mold production curriculum education, and it can also be applied to the training of new engineers related skills for SMEs. It will help small and medium-sized enterprises or teaching and research institutions to build a mold intelligent monitoring system in a low-cost manner.
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