Technical Name The Future Light Source - Ultrafast Molecular Imaging: Free Electron Laser
Project Operator National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Project Host 李安平助研究員
In NSRRC, we set up a superradiant free electron laser in terahertz frequency range by employing an in-house developed laser-driven photocathode radio frequency electron gun system and a technology called radio frequency electron bunch compression. It is currently the terahertz radiation source with the highest peak power in Taiwan. In addition, we also designed an extreme ultraviolet free electron laser test facility that is based on similar technology. These light sources can be applied significantly to research fields such as semiconductors, quantum materials, and biomedicine.
Scientific Breakthrough
The research team at NSRRC has built a superradiant free electron laser in terahertz (1012 Hz; or THz) frequency range. The facility produces coherent radiation power of 0.6 THz and 26 microjoules, which leads to many cutting-edge scientific and industrial applications. Similar accelerator technology can be further applied to extreme ultraviolet light and X-ray free electron lasers. NSRRC is currently building an extreme ultraviolet free electron laser test facility with a peak power of about 300 MW. Its shortest harmonic radiation output can be as short as 6 nm, and its photon beam has high peak brightness, ultra-short time scale and better time coherence, making it an extremely valuable light source for many research fields.
Industrial Applicability
The technologies of high-brightness ultrafast electron beam, linear accelerator, terahertz and extreme ultraviolet free electron lasers being developed in this research are expected to be applied significantly to the fields of ultrafast electron microscopy, non-destructive inspection, material processing, and advanced semiconductor manufacturing.
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