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  • 同調共振能量轉換:新物理機制產生之電致量子點雷射
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 跨域整合專區
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  • 林夏玉
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  • hsiayulin@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description Based upon Coherent Förster Resonance Energy Transfer, we have successfully demonstrated the first colloid quantum dot laser with two different kinds of quantum dots (donorsacceptors) in the light emitting layer. The donors can resonantly transfer energy into the acceptors,they also act as scattering centers. Through multiple scattering, it can form a coherent closed loop. All the donors can coherentlyresonantly transfer energy into all the acceptorsthe laser action is achieved.
Scientific Breakthrough We have developed a new physical mechanism, called Coherent Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (CFRET). The process combines the coherent resonance energy transfer in a coherent closed loop. Inside the closed loop, all the donors can coherently transfer energy to all the acceptors, which enables to boost the light emission capability of acceptorsachieve laser action easily. We have adapted this new mechanism to demonstrate electrically driven QDs laser for the first time. ,This work has been commented by the journal reviewer as the most major breakthrough of the last decade in this field.
Industrial Applicability \"The electrically driven quantum dots laser has several unique advantages.1.All of the fabrication processes of the laser device can be made by solution processes, which greatly reduces the production cost. 2. Combinations of quantum dots systems can be used to generate a wide spectrum of quantum dot lasers. 3. The consumption power density of our quantum dots laser is much less, which is useful for emerging energy crisis. 4. The laser device developed does not require the rigid limitation of perfect reflection mirrors because of the formation of coherent closed loops by multiple scattering.\"