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  • Safety device for preventing inclined falling during bicycle riding
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  • National Chin-Yi University of Technology
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Technical Description When the bicycle is tilted, the anti-dumping support rod moves to the outside of the frame due to gravity and centrifugal force to form a large bottom area, and the stability is high. The warning light and horn of the support rod can prevent the rear vehicle from chasing and have high safety. With the use of the clamping fixture, it can be installed on various types of bicycles to have high market product value.
Scientific Breakthrough 當自行車轉彎傾斜時,防傾倒支撐桿的重力及離心力大於防傾倒支撐桿上端的磁鐵塊的磁力時,往車架外側移動形成較大的底面積,大幅提高穩定度;當防傾倒支撐桿往車架外側移動時,連接座的極限開關與Arduino單晶片微控制器線路接通,啟動警示裝置,可避免後方車輛撞擊;停車時駕駛用腳踩壓防傾倒支撐桿下端的側柱,可有效將自行車側停,具實用性。
Industrial Applicability This product can be installed at the upper end of the lower tube of various bicycles, which meets the needs of DIY in the bicycle market. It is a product with a large market demand; this product has already negotiated with the bicycle company of Giant and negotiated the patent technology licensing contract. Cooperate in the development of anti-dumping devices for driving in various bicycles.