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  • Multifunctional cup holder with fixed function
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  • National Chin-Yi University of Technology
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  • 李國義
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Technical Description Install the suction cup support shaft in the inclined guide groove of the push rod, the support shaft moves between the high and low points of the guide groove, and the cup can be fixed everywhere with suction or relaxation; the sponge tightening member or elastic fixing member of the cup holder is in The cup has a buffer function when it is collided, the impact force is absorbed by the buffer piece, and the cup will not break; the magnetic piece of the invention is a conservation animal such as blue-bellied pheasant, eight-color bird and Taiwan macaque monkey, which will start every time the push rod is pressed The beautiful cry of these animals enhances the sense of pleasure; just press the warm switch to keep the liquid in the cup warm for a while.
Scientific Breakthrough The cup holder can be fixed at any place on the table by suction cups, and the coffee cup or water cup will not fall over, making life more leisurely; the elastic fixing member in the cup holder can not only effectively fix the cup, its buffering function protects the cup from breaking; The magnetic parts on the push rod are all kinds of animal conservation. Every time you press the push rod, you can hear the sound of beautiful birds. At the same time, you can see beautiful dolls and photos, which increases the joy of life. The heating and insulation parts on the cup holder can hold the inside of the cup. Liquid, effective heat preservation for a period of time.
Industrial Applicability This patent has completed the production of physical products and has reached the level of commercialization. It can be sold only by adjusting according to user needs. Since the cup holder is a household item and has many users, this patented product can be sold directly to the general user on the website. Currently, we are also negotiating a patent technology licensing contract with Guangnan University.