Technical Name Radio Frequency Screw Antenna and Radio Frequency Screw Tag
Project Operator National Changhua University of Education
Project Host 賴永齡
The technology provides a radio frequency screw antenna which includes a metal radiant body and a loop circuit. The metal radiant body includes a shaft, a head, and a groove. The shaft has a radial direction. The head is connected to the shaft. The groove is positioned at the head, and a length direction of the groove is parallel to the radial direction. The loop inductive matching circuit is disposed at a side wall of the groove. Therefore, the radio frequency screw antenna can be operated in ultrahigh frequency and long range. In addition, the radio frequency screw antenna can be screwed into an article, and has advantages of anti-metal-interference, easy installation, and convenient application to the realization of the intelligent IoT.
Scientific Breakthrough
Compared to the existing products on the market, the radio frequency screw tag has the following innovative features:
1. The screw tag can be fixed and is not easy to fall off.
2. The tag can be removed and locked repeatedly.
3. The size of the tag mechanism is much smaller than the limit of λ/4 (80 mm).
4. The impedance matching circuit uses low-cost PCB material.
5. The reading distance of the radio frequency screw tag is greater than λ/4 (80 mm) when the tag is not attached to the metal material.
Industrial Applicability
Compared to the metal-resistant electronic tags on the current market, the radio-frequency screw tag has a short mechanism size and no metal back plate, which overcomes the shortcomings that the tag adhesive is easy to fall off. The application industries of the radio-frequency screw tag include RFID, IIoT, Internet of Vehicles, and Industry 4.0 industries. This technology have many extraordinary features such as low cost, easy construction, and wide sensing range.
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