Technical Name A compact antenna for SAR reduction
Project Operator National Pingtung University
Project Host 蘇欣龍
This compact metamaterial-antenna working on WiFi-2.4GHz / -5GHz bands could be integrated into a mobile phone. This metamaterial-antenna shows two working models depending on the metamaterial-antenna being close to or far away the human head. When the metamaterial-antenna is close to the human head, the metamaterial of this antenna shows the high impedance surface characteristic. The EM wave radiates far away from human head and the value of SAR also reduces. When the metamaterial-antenna is far away the human head, the metamaterial of the antenna shows cloaking characteristic. In this model, the antenna will remain the original performance, for example the omnidirectional radiation pattern, the metamaterial of this antenna will not affect the antenna. When the metamaterial sets in horizontal/vertical, the sizes of this metamaterial-antenna are 9 x 12.25 x 0.8 / 8.5 x 10 x 0.8 mm3 respectively. The value of SAR could be reduced 13-25% after adding the metamaterial.
Scientific Breakthrough
Only one unit-cell of metamaterial is used in this antenna, so the metamaterial-antenna is compact. The configuration of this metamaterial-antenna is that the antenna and the metamaterial are printed on the different side of a PCB. The distance of the antenna and the metamaterial is 0.8mm.
Industrial Applicability
All cellular phones should pass the SAR testing before announced. Some approaches are adding a sensor and controlling circuits to reduce SAR. This metamaterial-antenna is compact and can integrate into a cellular phone. This antenna changes the direction of the radiation of the antenna automatically without any additional sensors or controlling circuits, when the cellular phone is closed to the human head.
Keyword reduced-SAR antenna metamaterial-antenna Antennas low SAR antennas WiFi antennas antennas of cellular phone antennas of tablet computer antennas of labtop antennas with HIS antennas with AMC
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