Technical Name A seated sledge
Project Operator Lunghwa University of Science and Technology
Project Host
An intelligent seated skating sledge that includes a rider unit and a balancer. Among them, the loading unit and the hardware subsystem include: bottom plate, side plate, surrounding plate, battery base, IC board box, safety belt, seat, and hand brake system structure; the software subsystem includes: intelligent navigation voice system, Security monitoring voice combined with mobile APP system.
Scientific Breakthrough
A sled is a land-based vehicle with a smooth surface on the underside or a detachable bracket underneath the skid. There are two or more smooth longitudinal narrow slides under the bracket that can slide on the surface. Most sleds are used in snow or ice, but some (generally less slug) can be used on other types of land surfaces, such as sand or wet grass. Sleds can also be used to carry people or carry goods. The sled itself has no source of power, so animals (such as horses) are generally used to pull forward, and in some cases (such as snowy slopes), gravity can be advanced.
Going out of nature to meet nature can relieve pressure on workdays and adjust the pace of life. At the same time it also makes people full of colorful, and leave a good memory that is how happy!
This smart sitting skating sledge can be used to experience and appreciate the scenery along the way, and is suitable for use on a snowy hillside. When a skier descends from a height to a hillside, depending on the height of the slope, it can reach a maximum of 100 meters. Because it has a slightly warped navigation design in front of it, there is a V-shaped centerline at the bottom. When the slid snow is extended to the left and right sides, and the right and left sides have anti-turning circular wings, the resistance is reduced. Therefore, from the height to the downhill line, with the micro-warping design of the lead, a ski trail will naturally come; at the same time, near the hand brake, there is a voice navigation system. If the slope is large, it will remind you Use the brakes to slow down, and when the skier pulls up on the handbrake, it will also emit beautiful snowflakes from the brake pipe, which is safe and secure.
Industrial Applicability
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