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  • Application development of plant defense protein-derived products
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  • National Taiwan University
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  • 林家華
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  • d95633001@ntu.edu.tw
Technical Description This technology is about the efficacyapplication of a plant defense protein originated from Lilium. Lilium plants produce a special defense protein capable of fighting against pathogen attack by killing the invaders and/or increasing plant disease resistance. In addition, this plant defense protein is able to increase plant photosynthetic efficiencyconduct anti-gray mold efficacy in toma
Scientific Breakthrough The critical role in plant disease resistance of a plant defense protein from Lilium is verified in combination with the development of virus-induced gene silencingadaptive Agrobacterium infiltration methods. The desired protein products is successfully produced in E. coli system, which has antimicrobial activityinducing ability of plant disease resistance, also can increase plant photos
Industrial Applicability Plant defense protein can improve plant growthreduce crop loss to facilitate environment-friendly agriculturesustainable natural ecosystem. Plant defense protein of growth-enhancingresistance-increasing can be a plant protectant to reduce pathogen threatsbalance plant growth/defense trade-off. The dilemma of crop production can be improved to achieve agricultural upgrade of bot