Technical Name Hepatitis B virus large surface protein in progression of hepatitishepatoma: detectionsapplications
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 黃溫雅
A high-sensitivity quantitative ELISA detection system for the large HBV surface (LHBS) protein was developed. It includes monoclonal antibodies for LHBSchemiluminescent sandwich ELISA method. Clinical tests of the ELISA prodcuts have been performed in CHB cases. The LHBS detection methodsproducts have been filed for US provisional patentwill be submitted for the IVD approval.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. In-house development of a series of high-sensitive-specific monoclonal antibodies for LHBS. 2. Establishment of the chemiluminescence quantitative HBV LHBS detection kit. 3. Clinical tests to examine clinical significancesapplicabilities of the HBV LHBS quantification kit,to evaluate LHBS as a novel biomarker in hepatitisHCC.
Industrial Applicability
Early detection of the patient’s responses to anti-viral therapies can greatly benefit the decisionmodification of treatment plans. The LHBS chemiluminescence quantification ELISA kit products developed can be marketed in Taiwanother HBV epidemic countries such as Chinasome South East Asian countries. The products stand a good potential for high market value.
Keyword hepatitis B virus hepatoma anti-viral large surface protein ELISA chemiluminescence biomarker quantitation ELISA monoclonal antibody diagnostic kit
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