Technical Name Immunoassay for A Newly Verified Oral Cancer Biomarker
Project Operator Chang Gung University
Project Host 余兆松
Immunoassays for quantifying a newly verified oral cancer biomarker “OCBM-1” in saliva specimens. Including two platforms: ELISA Kit and colloidal-gold based strip assay, which provides quantitative and semi-quantitative amounts of OCBM-1, respectively. Now the two products are at pilot production stage, which will be soon applied for pre-clinical verification and clinical validation.
Scientific Breakthrough
1.No routine biomarker test for oral cancer applied in clinical setting currently. Therefore, application of OCBM-1 will be beneficial for early detection of oral cancer.
2.OCBM-1 is a newly verified salivary biomarker, and no OCBM-1-related IVD or international standard in the world. All the materials in the immunoassay are developed and produced by ourselves in Taiwan.
Industrial Applicability
ELISA Kit and colloidal-gold based strip assay are common immunoassay platforms for protein measurement in clinical test. In this case, materials including antibodies, standard proteins, and reagents were generated; SOPs for large-scale production and quality control were established. The pipeline could be applied for developing immunoassays for other candidate protein biomarkers.
Keyword Oral cancer Biomarker Saliva Salivary protein Oral mucosal screening Oral screening, ELISA Immunoassay Rapid test Strip test
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