Technical Name Multiplexed barcode bead platform for serology detections
Project Operator National cheng kung university
Project Host 許觀達
We developed a high-throughput immunological detection platform using micro-nano fabrication, chemical surface treatment, optical systems,image processing. Our multi-barcode microbead system enables the simultaneous detection of over a thousand targets. With automated reading, our platform offers high throughput, automation,multi-targeting capabilities, making it commercially viable.
Scientific Breakthrough
The multi-barcode microbead serological detection platform integrates micro-nano fabrication, chemical surface treatment, optical systems,automated reading for automated, high-throughput, multi-target detection. The magnetic coating enables efficient magnetic separationmanipulation of microbeads, enhancing sensitivity. Automatic task using a 96-well plate allows fast data acquisition, significantly improving efficiencyaccuracy. This platform has strong commercial potential.
Industrial Applicability
The multi-barcode microbead combines magnetic bead development, protein preparation, reagent formulation,reader instrument development. Collaborating with NCKU CMNST for bead manufacturingpartnering with GMP facilities ensures protein supply stability. An image processing company enhances the ELISA reader for automated testing. This platform holds great potential in the serology testing market, with patent protectioninternational licensing creating more business opportunities.
Keyword Barcode microbeads Serology testing Immune diseases Antibodies Biomarkers High throughput Multiplex
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