Technical Name High throughput antibody detection platform
Project Operator International Center for Wound RepairRegeneration
Project Host 許觀達
Serum antibodies reveal the healthdisease status in humans. In order to study the complex serum antibodies, a high throughput platform such as protein microarray is needed. Our team has 10 years of experience in manufacturing protein microarrays. We have special techniques in expressingpreserving functional proteins on the arrayspublished 3 high impacted papers. Until now, we developed upper respiratory virus arrays, SARS-CoV-2 variant arrays, dengue virus arrays,Kawasaki protein arrays. We published 4 high impacted papers, 1 approved Taiwan patent,1 submitted U.S.A. patent. In addition to the array fabrication, we integrated assay procedure, instrument,analysis software for a comprehensive business model.
Scientific Breakthrough
"The high throughput antibody detection platform is originally designedfabricated by our team in NCKU with the following innovations:
 1. Patent-protected protein array design to allow high performance.
 2. Special array coating to allow a better signal-to-noise ratiolimit of detection.
 3. Ability to massive production. We can produce protein arrays with minimal batch variations.
 4. Unique assay procedures. We use a unique blocking buffer that can reduce the assay duration by 10-fold.
 5. Laser scannerportable reader. We teamed up with Caduceus for a high capacity laser scannera portable LED reader. 
 6. AI-empowered analysis. We developed an AI tool to directly analyze the raw imageautomatically gener
Industrial Applicability
High throughput antibody detection platform includes a variety of production chains, including protein purification, array coating, array fabrication, scanner,data analysis software. Our team managed all the necessary techniquesintegrated them vertically for better efficiencyeconomy. Taking SARS-CoV-2 variant protein microarray as an example, our team has non-exclusive technical transfers to a Taiwanese companypartnerships with NCKU hospitalthe Tainan health bureau for field tests. Our team also has non-exclusive technical transfers to the world’s largest protein array company in the United States. Our team provides a solution to fight against complex infectious diseasesimmunological disorders.
Keyword Protein microarray SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 Antibody Serology Variant of Concern Dengue Kawasaki disease High throughput Biomarker
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