Technical Name High-performance solid-state hydrogen storage alloyportable temperature-controlled storage cylinder
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 謝宗霖
The current hydrogen storage technologies (i.e., compressed hydrogen gascryogenic liquid hydrogen) have shortcomings in terms of safety, cost,energy consumption. Our technology overcomes these shortcomings by inventing a solid-state Mg-based hydrogen storage alloy with a high storage weight density of ~6.0 wtits carrying vessel. The key innovations of our technology are: (1) integrating powder atomization process, high-energy milling,composite catalysts to achieve large-scale, fast production of Mg-based ZK60 hydrogen storage powders (2) developing a lightweight, portable Al 5056 alloy cylinder that houses the ZK60 powders to facilitate the cyclic operation of hydrogen storagerelease up to 500 cycles.
Scientific Breakthrough
Most existing hydrogen storage alloys have flaws such as low weight densitylow cycle number that prohibit their applications in the hydrogen energy sector. The basis of our technology is a high-performance Mg-based ZK60 hydrogen storage alloy with composite catalysts. It exhibits a high storage density of ~6.0 wt, a hydrogen release temperature of ~280 ℃, a fast releasing rate (99 in 5 min),can maintain 80 of its storage capacity for at least 200 cycles. Our technology is based on mass production techniques for the ZK60 alloy powderits carrying cylinder. The cylinder is made of lightweight Al alloydesigned to withstand at least 500 cycles of absorbingreleasing hydrogen under harsh conditions of 350 ℃50 atm.
Industrial Applicability
Mg-based solid-state hydrogen storage has advantages such as high volumeweight densities, safe,cost-effective, which make it the ideal candidate for long-range transportation, either on the roadby sea. It offers a promising future for the long-haul truckingshipping industries, hydrogen fueling stations, remote power stations,hydrogen recycling in the semiconductor industry. Our technology can be mass-produced by modern manufacturing methods, demonstrating its commercialization potential. We also focus on the environmentalcyclic testings of the technology to understand its endurancemarket competitiveness. We expect our technology to contribute greatly toward advancing hydrogen energy development in Taiwan.
Keyword Hydrogen Hydrogen fuel Hydrogen storage Solid-state hydrogen storage Magnesium hydrogen storage alloys Hydrogen storage weight density Hydrogen storage cylinders Powder atomization Hydrogen transportation Hydrogen recycling
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