Technical Name Hydrogen Plus - PEM Electrolyzer for H2 Evolution + Added-value products
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 黃信智
Our approach for hydrogen production by electrolyzer – IOR instead of OER provides fundamental advantages by facilitating the production of H2 at the cathode with higher efficiencylower energy consumption due to the lower oxidation potential of IOR. 
 The work consists of four main tasks: 1) non-noble H2 evolution catalysts 2) highly potassium-conductivestable composite membranes 3) oxide-based iodide oxidation reaction catalysts 4) PEM electrolyzer integrated with mentioned advanced materials with scale-uplong-term operation validations. We study the new phenomena behind all new materialsinterfaces, as well as the exploration of industrial applications.
Scientific Breakthrough
The IOR-integrated PEM electrolyzer requires a much lower overpotential for IOR, compared to ORR. Instead of O2, H2iodine are produced simultaneously at cathodeanode. We found that IOR coupled HER reduces the cost for H2 production.
Industrial Applicability
In addition to the hydrogen production energy efficiency that is far lower than the current situation, this project provides disruptive innovationhigh-efficiency hydrogen energy application technology through the link of value-added reactions. The significance is that we do not need to completely rely on the popularizationcost reduction of renewable energy before we can popularize water electrolysis to produce hydrogen. In addition, this link can strengthen the role of hydrogen energy as a more flexible energy conversion mechanismcan also deploy related technologiespatents in advance, thereby accelerating the use of hydrogen energy in Taiwanrealizing the vision of green hydrogen.
Keyword Hydrogen evolution PEM electrolyzer Iodide oxidation reaction Potassium conductive membrane Non-noble metal catalyst Green hydrogen Net zero Water electrolyzer Potassium Iodide
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