Technical Name Formosat-8 Super Resolution Image Processing System
Project Operator National Space Organization
Project Host 劉小菁
The Formosat-8 image super-resolution system is to enhance the Formosat-8 image from 1 meter resolution to sub-meter resolution. The super-resolution algorithm design based on sub-pixel shift linear panchromatic sensor pairaccelerating processing system for linear sensor. In addition, the super-resolution algorithm develops based on deep learning network to obtain high-resolution images for frame sensor.
Scientific Breakthrough
The optical system of Formosat-8 satellite is different from the traditional imaging system. Formosat-8 satellite has sub-pixel shift linear sensor pair,the traditional imaging system is frame sensor. Therefore, the concept of super resolution algorithm is different between Formosat-8 satellitetraditional imaging system. In addition, the frame sensor of Formosat-8 satellite will face the problems of geometric deformation, relief displacementresolution change. In the deep learning, the Convolutional Neural Networktraining dataset should be designedconstructed for overcoming these problems.
Industrial Applicability
The image super-resolution technique can be widely applied in various fields, such as satellite image processing, medical image processing,the multimedia industry. In satellite image processing, the super-resolution technique can be used to generate rich geographic information. In medical image processing, the super-resolution technique can be used in CT, MRT,X-ray images, high-resolution images are helpful for doctors to make a diagnosis. In the multimedia industry, the super-resolution technique can be used to generate high-resolution picturescreate a comfortable viewing experience.
Keyword Formosat-8 Satellite Image Super Resolution Total Variation Deconvolution GPU Multi-threading CUDA Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning
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