Technical Name AI-assisted 3D label-free quantitative automated microscopy
Project Operator Optical System Laboratory, Institute of Medical Device and Imaging, National Taiwan University College of Medicine
Project Host 駱遠
This system uses structured illumination to reconstruct the three-dimensional appearance of objects, providing high-resolution images and quantitative cellular information. It is modular, integrates with commercial microscopes, and offers high-quality images. With automated image capture and storage, it saves time and allows for light source adjustment. AI algorithms enhance efficiency and image quality, suitable for collecting dynamic cellular information and fast-changing cellular behaviors.
Scientific Breakthrough
Imaging without the need for staining, convenient and non-invasive to cellsLow cost, providing high-resolution images and quantitative informationDigitalized light source control, high applicability and scalabilityModular design, lightweight and convenientSystem automation, reducing imaging timeAI-assisted analysis, creates more possibilitiesAutomated light source, enhancing flexibility
Industrial Applicability
Modular designStain-free imagingHigh-resolution imagesQuantitative phase informationAutomated image acquisition and storage technologyAI-assisted analysisCustomizable light source
Keyword phase contrast microscopy modular design automation artificial intelligence algorithm
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