Technical Name 具有頂級轉換效率之創新醫療雷射系統:用於眼部與皮膚疾病治療
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 陳永富
We originally design a highly efficient NdYVO4/KGW Raman laser at 579.5 nm. The KGW crystal is specially coated to prevent the Stokes wave from propagating through the gain medium so as to minimize the cavity losses. Moreover, we explore a new output coupler with double-sided dichroic coating to exterminate the leakage power of the Stokes wave to lead to a remarkable improvement for the output efficiency. The maximum output power can be up to 10.5W at a pump power of 40W. The conversion efficiency of the diode pump light to yellow laser output can be increased to 26.3.
Scientific Breakthrough
"We first design two new techniques for realizing highly efficient NdYVO4/KGW Raman lasers: 1. Separated cavity, 2. Output coupler with double coating.
    The Raman KGW crystal is specially coated to prevent the Stokes wave from propagating through the gain medium to minimize the cavity losses for the Stokes wave. Moreover, a new output coupler with enhancement of the cavity reflectivity is proposed to remarkably elevate the output powersefficiencies of diode-pumped NdYVO4/KGW Raman yellow-orange lasers. 
    In 2020-2021, we published 5 journal papers on Optics Letter."
Industrial Applicability
Laser source, wavelength emission at 561 & 577 nm, had integrated with Ophthalmic Laser Scanning Slitlamp by our team. This system has promoted as THE ONLY five wavelengths integrated laser scanning system in the international ophthalmic market. With technical support provided by our team, we have completely controlled the critical technology of laser sourcesdidn't require to import the laser module from other foreign laser source companies. Up to date, this laser system has sold globally including USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Thailand…etc.,created revenue NTD. 14,695,380.
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Keyword Diode pump Solid state laser Stimulated Raman scattering Nonlinear conversion Yellow laser Medical laser 577nm Ophthalmic laser Retina disease Photocoagulation
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