• Technical Name
  • 無人機自動飛航送餐服務
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  • National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
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  • 跨域整合專區
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  • 林筱萍
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  • lsp608@g2.nctu.edu.tw
Technical Description Drone delivery is a popularemerging application at present. However, existing drone delivery systems can only deliver to outdoor open spaces via GPS,cannot directly to the interior of recipient's building. In the era of covid-19 pandemic, we aim to reduce human contactpropose a drone delivery system that can deliver packages to the doorstepthe interior of buildings,to achieve fully automatic control of the drone by developing visual positioning technique.
Scientific Breakthrough \"To implement the UAV autopilot without GPS, we devised Vision-Based Global Positioning System (VB-GPS). It integrates results from both visual SLAMMBL to achieve real-time, drift-free, high-precision localization.To evaluate VB-GPS, we compared it with three state-of-the-art positioning methods – ORB-SLAM, MBL,PoseNet – across six scenes. In our experiment, VB-GPS outperformed the other three methods, with a median error of approximately 0.27m0.95° on average.(ORB-SLAM: 2.00m1.57° MBL: 0.62m1.3°,except the scene that it fails to localize PoseNet: 9.51m135.71°).\"
Industrial Applicability Our system can provide a one-stop service from the courier company's warehouse to the customer's home directly without additional human intervention. In addition to saving manpower, we can further reduce human contactmake home quarantine more feasible. Therefore, it is believed that the proposed VB-GPS technique can be applied to real-time positioning of any first-person camera, such as self-driving cars, warehouse delivery robots, etc.,various industries with movable cameras in the future, such as: sports cameras, vehicle recorders, navigation systems, floor sweeping robots, etc.