Technical Name 新穎性害蟲防治燻蒸技術之開發 新穎性害蟲防治燻蒸技術之開發
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 孟孟孝
Fumigation is the most reliable method for pest control in a confined space. However, all current fumigants available are either highly toxic to mammalsharmful to the atmosphere. We provide a new technology, including novel fumigantsa rapid evaporating device. With its wide effectiveness to various insects, low toxicity to mammals, friendly to the environment, etc., our technology may attract users in custom quarantine, warehousing, home pest control, etc. We provide a novel fumigation technology that potentially satisfies the global demand of new fumigants.
Scientific Breakthrough
Through microorganism screening, genome analysis, bioinformatics datamining,gas chromatography/mass spectrum analysis, we identified effective volatile organic compounds that are responsible for insect-killing activities. Compared with current fumigants, the compounds are far less toxic to mammals as well as less hazardous to the environment. Together with its effectiveness to a wide range of insects, our novel fumigation technology has potential to replace/complement the current fumigants in the global insect-control market.
Industrial Applicability
Compared with other fumigants, our novel fumigants have advantages, such as low mammal toxicityfriendly to the environment, with an affordable cost. Besides, our fumigation technology has been proved effective for the export of Phalaenopsis orchid to the nations with stringent quarantine conditions. Our next step is to expand our business to warehouse/logistic management, home pest control, etc. With our intellectual propriety, we are looking forward to collaborating with international agribusinesspesticide companies in the future to meet the demand for novel pest-control fumigants.
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Keyword fumigant methyl bromide phosphine pest pest control flower export quarantine storage chemical pesticide
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