Technical Name The Red Diamond Excavated from Ocean – Development of High-Valued Products from Red Algae
Project Operator National Taiwan Ocean University
Project Host 李孟洲
Limited by the lack of algae cultivation technologies and the difficulties in species conservation, there has been an imbalance between supply and demand in the global market of phycoerythrin (PE). This product of our company thus provides a solution to the current shortage problem and may also help development of other industrial applications. Our PE product can be utilized in various biotechnological and clinical examinations, cosmetics, natural pigments and drugs etc.
· Natural, non-toxic, more applications
· High fluorescence intensity, High sensitivity, Low attenuation rate
· Longer fluorescence lifetime, Extensive detection time
Scientific Breakthrough
(1)Algae cultivation:Conservation of algae, new species acquisition, breeding and genetic diversification technologies.
(2)Extraction:To improve extraction efficiency, special bacteria are used applied to degrade cellulose and cell wall of algae.
(3)Application:For undeveloped market, such as agriculture and fishery industries of high additional values, patent layout has been carried out.
Industrial Applicability
Phycobiliprotein is a fluorescent protein extracted from marine algae, commonly used in biochemistry, biomedicine and clinical diagnosis, which is limited by the lack of algae cultivation technique, leads to an imbalance between supply and demand in the market. To solve the current shortage of production capacity, manufacturers continue to seek technical and process breakthroughs. Our team specializes in the cultivation of algae and the extraction of functional ingredients, which can stably produce and provide algae for extraction of PBP, making our team more competitive in the global PBP industry.
Keyword Phycobiliprotein Examination Reagents & Material Artificial Intelligent Aquaculture Cosmetics
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