Technical Name 鋁金屬合金色彩圖案技術與應用
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 鍾震桂
This technology proposes the preparation of Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) templates on the surface of aluminum. The structural color of AAO is combined with lithography process to form patterns on the substrate, which can achieve high resolution on various aluminum substrate for decoration. Also, rewritable boardinvisible anti-counterfeiting technology are proposed for innovative applications by the low-cost, high-efficiency,high-saturation AAO structural colorpatterning.
Scientific Breakthrough
The traditional research of AAO structure color with some shortcomings such as blur, uneven colorcolorfulness. We propose a new process to combine the lithographyanodization to achieve precise patterns with different structure colors. We can not only obtain high-resolutioncomplex patterns suitable for logo trademark production, but also solve the colorfulness problem by nano-structure modulate. Furthermore, rewritable boardinvisible anti-counterfeiting technology are proposed for innovative applications, which improve the applicability of AAO structure colorpatterning.
Industrial Applicability
AAO has been used in industrial surface coloration for bike, phone/notbook housinghousehold aluminum appliance but the related methods are all performed with monochromatic dyes. We propose the AAO structural color combined with lithography can perform high-resolution patterning for more than two colors with high stability to be further used for more complex surface decoration requirements. In addition, the rewritable boardanti-counterfeiting technology without dust, organic vaporenvironment contamination problems provide more possibility for future application in our living.
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Keyword Anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) Structural color Coloration Surface coloration Photolithography High-resolution patterning Rewritable board Invisible pattern Anti-counterfeiting Information encryption
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