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  • Terrain adjustment telescopic chair
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Technical Description This creation is a structure for topographically adjusting a telescopic chair. The chair corner has an optional telescopic function. The chair corner has a chair corner outer tube covering the chair corner inner tube, and the chair corner outer tube is provided with a telescopic fixing device. The fixing device is composed of a tube bundle and a tube clamp. The device mainly fixes the length of the chair angle; it can be adjusted at will when encountering uneven roads, so that the user can avoid the problem of falling when encountering this situation.
Scientific Breakthrough The telescopic chair angle can be adjusted according to the terrain. It has not appeared on the market; this technology can adjust the length of the required chair angle according to the terrain when encountering uneven road surfaces, so that users can avoid falling when encountering this problem. No discomfort.
Industrial Applicability The terrain adjustment telescopic chair can be used in many places in life, such as resting in the middle of mountain climbing, camping, uneven roads. In the above situations, the chair is often unbalanced due to the terrain, which makes it easy for people to fall or feel uncomfortable and damage the chair corner. This technology solves In the above situations, the angle of the telescopic chair can be adjusted according to the terrain, and the life of the chair can also be extended.