Technical Name A method for predicting the risk of recurrence of breast cancer based on metabolic biomarkers
Project Operator Kaohsiung medical university
Project Host 王姿乃
The unique small molecules and their concentrations in human body fluids can constitute a unique individual "fingerprint", which can understand the state of personal health and disease. Small changes in the human body can cause large changes in metabolites, so monitoring the fluctuations of certain specific metabolites in body fluids has become an important way to early detect breast cancer. Breast cancer-related metabolites can be used to predict the recurrence and prognosis of breast cancer. Therefore, the metabolites biomarkers can be used to develop a monitoring method of non-invasive, simple, and low-cost.
Scientific Breakthrough
Although there are related patents using body fluids to detect metabolites for predicting the disease occurrence, the disclosed metabolites are different from this technology, and this patent focuses on breast cancer-related metabolites to predict the recurrence and prognosis of breast cancer patients. The concentration of metabolites can be further compared with a threshold value and arranged to achieve the best metabolite panel with the best sensitivity, specificity and AUC (Area Under ROC Curve) under Receiver Operator Characteristic curve (ROC curve).
Industrial Applicability
The reference indicated that the risk of local recurrence, regional recurrence and distant metastasis of breast cancer patients with T1N0 stage within 10 years is 4.6%, 2.3% and 7.8% at the time of initial diagnosis stage. The present invention predicts the risk of breast cancer recurrence with metabolites that can distinguish breast cancer recurrence from non-recurrence. The invention can provide substantial help for breast cancer treatment and prognosis.
Keyword precision medicine breast cancer recurrence non-recurrence plasma metabolite panel specificity sensitivity ROC curve
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