Technical Name miRNA multiplex detection platform
Project Operator Chang Gung University
Project Host 王永樑
This platform is applied to the quick development of disease detection kit. An SOP of the clinical sample (blood/ saliva)-NGS-miRNA biomarker confirm-AI modeling-clinic validation can shorten and discover new biomarkers, which can apply to the clinical tests. There are two products for Kawasaki and hand, foot, and mouth disease detection based on this platform.
Scientific Breakthrough
The classical academic research and biomarker development are phased task. Our platform is a one-stop service from the clinical sample to final validation. AI training is used to select the best biomarkers set and shorten the selection time in the past. In drug development, several well-known pharmaceuticals also use AI to select potential drugs. In addition, our platform also accelerates clinical validation by our clinical resources. This one-stop service combines the most updated techniques to provide academics and industry with quick and precise outcomes.
Industrial Applicability
New biomarker discovery and new in-vitro diagnostic device development.
Keyword microRNA Biomarker In Vitro Diagnostic Devices artificial intelligence disease diagnosis
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