Technical Name Mobile Learning Systems based on Diversities of Corrective Feedback Strategies
Project Operator National Taiwan Normal University
Project Host 周明
The main features of the research work include identification and analyses of  student learning difficulties as well as the design and development of adaptive learning systems in order to contextualize and personalize engineering and technology education to advance individual student success. 
Adopting learning theories to inform the design and development of learning applications and using tools such as virtual reality, game-based learning, Apps and e-books, helps to make the abstract engineering curriculum more accessible to students.
A real-time system (Ubiquitous Sensor System), which the applicant constructed, can diagnose and analyze learning to resolve difficulties that the students may encounter. The real-time system also identifies the students’ state of mind and learning processes, helping ETE go adaptive.
Scientific Breakthrough
Develop a real-time system to identify student learning difficulties with attaining technical skills; commit to breaking through the challenges of technical instruction; and improve student technical skills.
Develop a learning analytics system, a Ubiquitous Sensor System (USS), to automatically analyze the characteristics of student implementation history, and address the difficulties of instructional differentiation in mechanical technologies in order to achieve adaptive learning.
Develop situational mobile learning materials and applications (APPS) for engineering education, and improve student ability to transform learning into practical skills.
Industrial Applicability
The development of technology changes rapidly, and it innovates for the applications in education. In order to maintain the development of the national economy and competitiveness, all countries have been investing in the projects of education technology. In the recent years, our government has promoted the industry of digital contents, and electronic textbooks and digital learning tools have become the main development forces.
Keyword Educational Technology Mobile Learning eLearning Graphical user interface Identify student learning difficulties Learning Portfolio Differentiated Teaching Digital contents Digital leaning tools Adaptive learning materials
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