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  • Smart magnetic stimulation EEG cap
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  • National Central University Department of Electrical Engineering
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Technical Description The smart magnetic stimulation EEG cap describes a new coil design for magnetic stimulation on human brain. With deployment of multilayer high-density coils on flexible PC board, the magnetic stimulation intensity can be increased about ten times compared to traditional magnetic stimulation device. The new design makes allows magnetic situation device becomes light portable and wearable, so that it enables the application of brain magnetic stimulation to learning environments. The smart magnetic stimulation EEG cap is capable to increase the neuron activity and cerebral blood circulation which results in the cognitive function in human brain to be improved. In addition, the stimulation effect can be monitored using a four-channel EEG system equipped with the magnetic stimulation device on the smart magnetic stimulation EEG cap. The smart EEG cap can real-time transmits EEG signals to servers via Bluetooth for EEG analysis.
Scientific Breakthrough Our breakthrough technologies of smart EEG cap are not only to reduce the size of transducer coil but also to increase the turns of coil (80-turns). The miniaturization transducer coil has the advantage for easy implementing wearable devices. And our transducer coil is designed by printed circuit board which means that the magnetic field strength can achieve 3000~10000Gauss with small current. According to these advantages as mentioned above, the smart EEG cap is light in weight, more convenient and comfortable for setup.
Industrial Applicability Our proposed technology can be applied to the education and learning industry, such as the classroom and digital learning platform. The main application is that the smart EEG cap has ability to increase the neuron activity of cognitive function for improving the learning performance.