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  • A new method to prepare 3S, 3’S-astaxanthin and its derivatives for damage tissue repair and against metastatic melanoma
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  • National Chung Hsing University
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  • 王惠民
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  • davidw@dragon.nchu.edu.tw
Technical Description This technique has the following characteristics:
1. This is a safe and efficient preparation method to produce 3S, 3’S-astaxanthin and lutein.
2. This is non-toxic to zebrafish and mice in animal experiments with high dose treatments.
3. It is functional against dermal damage to protect DNA from apoptosis
4. The 3S, 3’S-astaxanthin prepared by this method can be effectively against melanoma, especially for metastatic melanoma.
5. In addition to the extremely high efficacy of cancer treatment, the application of health food also has a good effect, which can inhibit the generation of free radicals, prevent melanin precipitation, and promote tissue repair.
6. Producing as multifunctional medical products, functional food and drinking and cosmetics containing anti-aging, cellular regeneration, tissue repair, anti-inflammation and whiting.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. The yield of 3S, 3’S-astaxanthin and lutein prepared by the new method is much higher than the previous method, and it is the highest yield known in the current literature
2. The 3S, 3’S-astaxanthin prepared by this method is non-toxic in cell experiments and animal experiments
3. The 3S, 3’S-astaxanthin has the effect of repairing damaged tissues, especially the repair effect of skin damaged by ultraviolet light
4. The 3S, 3’S-astaxanthin has the potential to develop into multifunctional medical supplies, functional foods, functional drinks, cosmetics and maintenance products, etc.
Industrial Applicability Medical products for repair after surgery
Multiple functional food ingredients
Functional beverages
Cosmetic developments
Skin care raw materials
Potential oral anti-melanoma drugs