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  • The application of mechanical stretch in the treatment of hair loss
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  • National Yang-Ming University
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  • 黃立婷
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Technical Description With the increase of pressure and environmental stimulation, more people suffer from hair loss in modern society. How to treat alopeciaand increase hair regeneration has become the emergent need. The purpose of this technique is to treat alopeciawith "increase skin tension" (a kind of physical stimulation). We designed a device of "mechanical stretching module with adjustable strain" on the back skin of the mouse. Under a specific strain and an appropriate stretch duration, hair regeneration occurred efficiently.We also deciphered the mechanism that mechanical stretchcan induce an "immune reaction" that recruitslots of macrophages which producedifferent kinds of growth factors to activate hair follicle stem cells and facilitate hair regeneration.
Scientific Breakthrough This technology is the application ofregenerative medicine in treatingalopecia. In contrast to the huge population suffering from hair loss, there only are few drugs available foralopecia treatment. Unfortunately, the possible adverse effects such as impotence and headache of these medications limit their usage. By understanding the mechanism of mechanical modulation of hair follicle stem cells, a new treatment of alopecia through mechanical stimulation without exogenous chemical factors may be achieved to overcome the adverse effects caused by current medical treatments.
Industrial Applicability This technology can be applied in designing a hat with stretching device and microcomputer inside it. By adjusting the stretching parameters, hair follicle stem cells can be activated and hair growth will occur. This treatment module will overcome the adverse effects caused by current medical treatment and bring considerable economic value.